Logos, Logotype and Logomarks., This article will be a comprehensive introduction to Logos, Logotype and Logomarks. As a bonus, this article will cover an introduction into company naming and tagline creation.

What is a Logo?

A logo is a word or symbol that represents an organization, business, product, service, individual or idea that produces instant public recognition. It should act as a means to provide clear identification, create credibility, differentiate a company from another, enable an audience to have a personal connection to your brand and visually communicate the brand’s essence. An effective logo should be timeless, simplistic, unique, appropriate, and gimmick free.

A logo, sometimes called a signature, is comprised of the structured relationship (see image below) between a logotype, logo mark, and tagline. There is a logical creation process that usually follows inside this structure. The logo creation process starts with a calculated brainstorming session where nomenclature, or the choosing of a business name, starts and where the creation of the tagline is finalized. After the creation of the company name and tagline, the logotype and logo mark are created. I will define and give an overview of each of these four elements in this article starting with nomenclature. We will have sections on this blog dedicated solely to these four principles.

What is Nomenclature?

Nomenclature is the devising or choosing of names for things. In our case, it pertains to the choosing of a company name. A company name should evoke the companies brand essence and should be a representation of market research. It is a vital part of the logo design process because a company name is transmitted day in and day out, in conversations, emails, voicemails, websites, on the product, on business cards etc. If the wrong name is chosen, it will be a determinant to your entire organization. Some companies spend 6 figures on this process alone for that reason. You know you have picked an effective company name when it is memorable, distinctive, simple, protectable and positive. Some examples of effective names include Nike, Google, Apple, and Mercedes.

What is a Tagline?

A tagline is a slogan, clarifier, mantra, or company statement that describes a single but powerful brand message designed to resonate strongly with an intended audience. Taglines should be a short phrase, unique, it should properly capture the brand essence, displayed in a small font, and it should be easy to say and remember. A tagline’s overall purpose should be to emphasize a key competitive advantage that aligns your message to a specific target market. Additionally, it should fulfill a deeply-held need or wish. Read some effective taglines below:

Youtube – Broadcast Yourself
Nike – Just Do It
Apple – Think Different
Target – Expect More. Pay Less.
Dairy Council – Got Milk?

What is a Logotype?

A logotype is the name of a company that is designed in a visually unique way for use by that company. The logotype font may be a plain standard font, modified or manipulated in some shape or form, or entirely redrawn to suit the company’s needs. A great logotype must conform to basic typographical standards. For example, you must select the appropriate typeface, point size, line length, line spacing, kerning and the correct space between groups of letters (tracking.) Additionally, an effective logotype must be distinctive, durable, sustainable, scalable and legible at various sizes.

What are LogoMarks?

A Logomark is an aspect or element (such as color, design, picture, or symbol) of a brand that cannot be expressed in words. The objective of its creation is to visually represent the company in one identifiable mark that stimulates the correct emotional response to old and prospective consumers. The logomark can take many forms such as an emblem, wordmark, pictorial mark or abstract symbol.

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